holistic health coach

The way I see it..

             You deserve to be living a life your OBSESSED with, which in my book means feeling energized, happy and glowing from the inside out. Why settle for anything less? You really don’t have to! Health and happiness is about so much more than kale and bubble baths (although I’m a fan of both!), it’s about creating a lifestyle that nourishes you from the inside out. And, guess what? It’s a little different for everyone! Together, we’ll figure out what YOUR special formula for being your best self is, help you bust through any blocks your experiencing in your life right now and create healthy habits that help you shine your brightest. 

Your options..

             Because I’m a big believer in “one size doesn’t fit all”, I’ve been constantly trying to expand the different ways for you to start your journey to your happiest, healthiest you. So follow your heart and see if a one-time EMERGEN-ZEN session is just what the dr. ordered, a group coaching situation sounds like a fun way to meet new people and create a new lifestyle together or getting down to business and working with me one on one is just the step you need right now to start transforming your life.


This is for you if you want a QUICK FIX or maybe want to take me for a test drive.  It’s perfect for those times when you are drowning in overwhelm, bugging out about the guy your dating (or maybe NOT dating anymore), totally stressed out at work or anytime you just desperately need to ZEN out. Our session will last around 90 minutes and here’s exactly what we’ll do together:

* Discuss your “dilemma” :  We’ll spend the first 30 minutes or so getting really clear about what’s going on and discussing actionable steps to get you out of the funk and back to bright, blissful you.

* Zen it away :  Here’s where the magic happens, I’ll lead you through a personalized sequence of guided meditations, kundalini meditations and even EFT or tapping, if needed. You’ll relax, recalibrate and be amazed at the breakthroughs you can achieve from simply sitting and finding your zen with me.

* Celebrate your new clarity :  After your meditation experience, we’ll de-brief about what went on for you during the process and help you put together any remaining pieces or get additional insight on anything that may have come up for you. You’ll be loving all the clarity you’ve gained on the situation.

* Get a “prescription” to take away:  Now that you’re feeling great you’ll want to keep it going, so I’ll send you off with a personal prescription of some simple things you can do each day  to keep your zen going. 

READY TO SCHEDULE ONE or get more information? 

email GoSweetandSkinny@gmail.com with the subject line “EMERGEN-ZEN” and the best days/times for your session and we’ll email you back with the availability we have that matches them.


one on one coaching with cassandra

Ready to get serious? Totally committed to creating a new lifestyle so that you can LOVE the life you’re living right now? Well then you are ready to work with me one on one. Together we will transform your life from the ground up through small changes, daily rituals, getting to the bottom of what you REALLY want and busting through any blocks you may have in getting it. We’ll work together a create a customized plan to help you achieve your goals. Because every person is unique, each person’s program is tailored to fit their particular needs but here’s an idea of what it could look like:

The possibilities..

  • get crystal clear on what you want in your job, relationships, wellness and life to feel fulfilled
  • set specific goals and achieve them 
  • create daily routines that support you living your happiest, healthiest life
  • bust through blocks in key areas of your life
  • develop healthy habits that serve your overall wellbeing
  • guided meditations to help you relax, find balance and clear your head
  • stress management techniques to help you manage your busy life better
  • healthy meal ideas + inspiration to help you look and feel your best
  • more energy by discovering what foods work for your body + what doesn’t 
  • cutting through negative self talk and creating more self-love
  • inspiration and advice for taking the leap to start living the life of your dreams
  • friendly, supporting accountability while you take these new steps and create new habits

Will you lose weight? Yes, if that’s your goal but a lot of my clients don’t even want to lose weight, they just want to FEEL amazing in their body. They want to learn how to make healthy choices, stop stressing and start taking major action to living a life they LOVE. It’s about waking up everyday with a smile on your face, having strangers tell you that “you’re radiant” and having the tools to turn around even the worst days. 

we can get started with a breakthrough session..

Just send me an email at GoSweetandSkinny@gmail.com with the subject “LET’S SCHEDULE A MEETING!” We’ll set up a 30 minute one on one breakthrough session where we will get to know each other and discuss your personal goals and struggles, discuss some actionable steps for you to take today and how we could work together to bust through your blocks and achieve your goals. I’ll take you through what your program would entail and we can decide if we would be a good fit for each other.