holistic health coach

The way I see it..

Life’s too short to skip the cupcakes! Seriously, I believe you CAN have your cake and eat it too! Just let me show you how to bake it. ;) I’m a huge vegetable lover and I firmly believe in putting wonderful, fresh, nourishing whole foods in our body! The good stuff helps us heal from the inside out and keeps us effortlessly slim and fit. However, I know it’s just plain RIDICULOUS to never ever indulge so I help you indulge in the healthiest (and most delicious) way possible. I also believe that HAPPINESS is paramount! The best tool you can have is a healthy mindset and a love for your body cause when you love your body, it’s going to start loving you right back!

How it works..

In your happy, healthy lifestyle coaching sessions with me (either via phone/skype or in person), we will work together to create a daily routine for you that supports both a happier mind and healthier body! We will tackle some of your biggest obstacles in maintaining a healthy diet and serene life and create a personalized wellness plan for your lifestyle so that you can maintain your new healthy habits (and your sanity). We’ll also be sure to find you healthy, delicious swaps for the foods you crave!

What you’ll do..

• set a goal for our work together and achieve it
• explore meditation, affirmations and/or daily wellness rituals
• understand how to choose better foods for your body
• feel happier and more energized
• feel more at home in your body and start loving your body
• get clear on what’s blocking you from the body you want and change it!
• understand how to smartly navigate social events/eating out
• learn some DELICIOUS, healthy recipes for you to whip up at home!

What you’ll get..

• 50 minute sessions (twice a month – either live or via phone)
• personalized meditations or affirmations
• customized recipes for your favorite foods health-a-fied!
• a demystifying (and FUN) supermarket food tour
• FREE copies of my Juicespiration e-book and upcoming Detox e-book
• e-mail support between sessions
• a super fun, healthy cooking lesson with moi! (either live or virtual)

Let’s get started with a FREE one on one HAPPY Life – HEALTHY Body Breakthrough session!

Just send me an email at with the subject “LET’S SCHEDULE A MEETING!”

We’ll set up a 30 minute one on one breakthrough session where we will get to know each other and discuss your personal struggles and how I can help you transform your life to the blissfully delicious stress free existence it should be! I’ll take you through what your program will entail and we can decide if we would be a good fit for each other!

Looking forward to your email!!