New Year Intention Setting

New Year Intention Setting

It’s been a while since I’ve been SO obsessed with a specific session I was offering but New Years, new beginning and intention setting are my favorite of things! I love the power and renewal in redirecting your course, taking action and getting clear about what you want your life to look like. There’s a great quote in Alice in Wonderland where the Alice asks the Mad Hatter “Which way should  I go?” and he replies,” Well where would you like to end up?” and she doesn’t know. So he tell her that it doesn’t matter how she gets there! How many of us walk around our lives like that? We know we want SOMETHING, more money, more love, a nicer apartment, a trip to france, to lose five pounds, etc but we never take the time to really sit down and see what it looks like. We are so wrapped up in functioning we forget that we are born to FLY! This year, let’s start spreading your wings. Let’s set clear, focused, intentions from your heart. Feel how 2015 is going to feel for you, soak up all the joy, the energy, the excitement and then hold space for that every single day. Sound like a plan? Well check out my New Year Launch session details and let’s schedule a time to blast you off ASAP. XO, C



(one hour via Skype or on the phone)
What we’ll do:
  • I’ll help you release anything that’s not serving you currently with a special guided meditation that will clear your mind and help you finally let go of those habits, If there’s anything that you feel might still be lurking we can also discuss tools to further help you release.
  • I’ll clear your mind, center you in your heart and guide you through a visualization customized to your goals and situation.
  • We’ll discuss the actionable steps and how you can start working on them in way that increases effectiveness and excitement and eliminates overwhelm.
What you’ll leave with:
  • You’ll leave feeling excited to rocket launch into an amazing 2015, feeling clear, centered and more energized than ever to begin the year ahead and start having a life that lights you up
  • You’ll get a personalized recording of your visualization for your own personal use so that you can stay on track and use it to bring you back home and get you back on the path whenever you need it.
  • A summary of what we discussed, specifically: your 2015 vision highlights, the actionable steps we discussed you taking, and your heart centered goals for the year ahead.
All of this for only $144 because I absolutely LOVE setting intentions and can’t wait to help you set yourself up for the most luminous year yet! I have seen the incredible power of setting intentions for a clear, heart centered place where you can really feel tuned in to your deepest desires work wonders in my personal life. My book deal, cooking on ABC primetime and the blog that launched it all, all of it started as intentions I set and visions I held for my life. You can absolutely have the life you want and I would love to be a catalyst for you rising to that next level!

* You will be contacted with in 24 hours of payment to set up your appointment! :)

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