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Wanderlust Recap + Breakthrough

I had the amazing experience of going to Wanderlust in Squaw Valley (Tahoe, CA) this past weekend and I can’t wait to share with you my favorite classes and my biggest breakthrough in this recap video! Be sure to subscribe to watch all the individual videos of my favorite classes as well as exclusive interviews from the weekend!

I am still so blissed out from all the wonderful yoga classes I was able to take over the weekend, still feeling great and so inspired to up my yoga practice even more. I’m so grateful to Tumeric ALIVE for collaborating with me to go out there and cover some of the fantastic classes they sponsored over the weekend but I do want to let you know that my opinion of their amazing tumeric elixir is truly MY OWN and was not influenced. This video was NOT paid for by Tumeric ALIVE, I’m just genuinely dorking out on how much I love the stuff! ;)

If you’re interested in finding out more about Tumeric, feel free to visit their website here.

My First Half Marathon

completing my first half marathon at the More Fitness Magazine Women's Half Marathon in Central Park, NYC, disordered eating, institute of integrative nutrition, healthy meal plans, healthy smoothie recipes

I am incredibly proud to say that I successfully completed my first half marathon this past weekend in Central Park at the More/Fitness Magazine Women’s Half Marathon. 13.1 miles of pure blissful power and a major check off my bucket list (yes I know I’m getting started early, but why not!?) .

First, let me say I’m not a runner.

My friends find this hilarious because I do run from time to time but only for a race or a cause, usually both. What I mean is, I’m not that girl that loves waking up at the crack of dawn and pounding the pavement. I despise the treadmill even more than the streets and in total honesty, I find running extraordinarily boring at times.  I’m a yoga girl, I’ll get up early to get to class, love twisting my body in all sorts of fun postures and will happily do it several times a week. So running was all about going out of my comfort zone and challenging my endurance.

I trained for about a month and a half before the actual race and let me tell you IT WAS HARD, for me at least. I seriously give props to runners who do it day after day. It definitely taught me about commitment and pushing myself. Gosh, it was too easy to give up after 3 miles when it’s just me out there in the park and my foot starts hurting or I just get bored on the treadmill. Yet I’m so happy I didn’t, I pushed and pushed and broke past my comfort zone.

A couple weeks into training I gave up sugar, they’ll be a vlog on that coming soon, but suffice to say the first few days running on no sugar (aka no easy carbs) were extraordinarily challenging but it didn’t take too long to adjust. By the time race day came, I didn’t even eat anything in the morning and I was fine!

training for my first half marathon, the more fitness magazine women's half marathon in central park. Runners in NYC on race day. disordered eating, institute of integrative nutrition, healthy meal plans, healthy smoothie recipes

The night before the race I did make some pretty kick ass healthy, sugar free “cookies” to carb load. That recipe will be in this week’s email blast so sign up below if you want it! They were delicious and did just the trick. I carried a few of them in my pocket for the actual race, just in case, but never ended up needing them.

Race day was actually leagues better than any of my practice runs. There’s so much energy in the air, so many people all around and I made a kick ass playlist with the help of some friends, so I was pumped. I ran the first 8 miles relatively seamlessly, although for anyone who knows Central Park, some of those hills are a killer! It wasn’t till mile 8 which was an typical practice run for me that I started feeling it, had to push through, pump up the tunes (we’re talking Britney Spear’s “Work B*tch”, American Authors “Best Day of My Life” and Sara Barielles “Brave”) to keep me going.

By mile 11, it was actually more painful to walk for the 30 seconds I was guzzling water at the hydration stations than it was to keep pace and run. I ended up running the entire thing other than those water breaks where I simply stopped so I didn’t choke on the H2O I was inhaling.

Once I saw that finish line in sight it was like an extra burst of energy and the high of knowing that I completed it (and it better time than I had imagined) was indescribable. I was walking on sunshine.

Training and completing my first half marathon at the More Fitness Magazine Women's Half Marathon in Central Park, NYC.disordered eating, institute of integrative nutrition, healthy meal plans, healthy smoothie recipes

Will I do it again? Maybe. The Brooklyn half is in month. ;)

If anyone has any questions about the half marathon, training or is contemplating doing one yourself, feel free to comment below and I’ll answer any questions you may have!

Mocha Protein Smoothie

Great recipe for a healthy, mocha protein smoothie. Delicious, packed with protein, superfoods and easy to make in your blender.

I’m not a big protein shake girl, it’s never really been my thing. So when I got a sample of body logix’s chocolate vegan protein powder, I just stuck it in my drawer. Fast forward to these past few weeks where I’ve been training for a half marathon and it has been really interesting finding just the right kind of breakfast to get me going before my run. It can’t be too heavy or I won’t feel well and it can’t be too light or I won’t run as long as I need to, so a protein smoothie seemed like it just might be right! I jazzed this one up by adding flaxseed meal and even snuck in some kale, of course.

Mocha Protein Smoothie
1 serving size of chocolate vegan protein powder ( I used bodylogix and it tasted good. It’s also soy free, dairy free, non gmo and has no artificial flavors. They DID NOT pay me to say this! haha)
1 frozen banana (but a regular one will do)
1/2 cup almond milk
1/2 cup coffee
2 tbsp flaxseed meal
1 cup of kale ( or just two handfuls of kale)
4 ice cubes

Blend it all together and enjoy! You can also add dates to make it a little sweeter but I’m off the sugar right now so that’s why I didn’t.

My interview with Tara of SKINNYBYTARA

I caught up with friend and fellow healthy living guru Miss Tara Milhem of SkinnyByTara.com in central park the other week and picked her brain to find out a little bit more of her food philosophy! Want to know what this skinny, healthy and vibrant yogi eats on the day to day? Press play and please SHARE, LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoy!


In honor of GoSweetandSkinny.com’s Fall of Fitness, I’ve called in women’s weight lifting guru and certified personal trainer (and one of my lovely girlfriends!), Kaitlin Holiday to answer a few questions about working out for us less than savvy gym goers! Stay tuned for the whole series, this particular video is about WHY WOMEN SHOULD WEIGHT LIFT :)



Are you ready to get fit!? Want to develop an AMAZING habit of getting your body moving EVERY DAY?! Well, I did and that is why I decided to embark on my #40DaysofFitness challenge! For the next 40 days I am pledging to get some sort of exercise for at least 30 mins a day, if not more. Why? Well it’s so easy to get busy and forget how important physical fitness is to both our mind and our body! I know I’m totally guilty of it, I love my yoga but when I have a ton of things going on sometimes it slips to the bottom of the list. When we’re busy and stressed is actually when we need to get moving the most! Why 40 days? Well it takes about 40 days to really make something a habit, a ritual, something you just do. And don’t we all want being active for at least 30 mins a day something that we just do? Join me! Comment below to make your pledge and start tweeting + instagraming your #40daysofFitness! Follow me at @gosweetandskinny on insta and @gosweetnskinny on twitter – hashtag away and let’s do this together!


These past six months have been wondrous to say the least. It’s truly been incredible to watch the Go Sweet and Skinny crew go from a group of people who went to school with me at some point or knew me through some NY social circle to a much larger group of amazing people determined to lead happy, healthy, inspired lives from all over the country! YAY! I am so happy to have you all joining me on this journey and feel so grateful to help provide you with the tools to living an amazing, vibrant, healthy life. It’s an interesting observation that I had I tonight though, because the bigger it grows, the larger my desire to stay personal is. I feel like more than ever I am writing super specific and intimate posts about what I’m going through because whether you actually went to high school with me or you happened to stumble upon my book on amazon, I want you to KNOW me, really know me and feel like I’m just that health nut girlfriend that gives you really awesome tips and killer recipes when you’re in a bind! My close friends get such a kick out of my youtube videos on GoSweetandSkinnyTV because it’s just like actually talking to me, I’m that ridiculously myself in them for you and that makes me really happy to hear.

So anyways, I know you’re wondering what in the world I meant by “sharing my brownies”, am I doing a vegan brownie give-a-way?! Sadly, no, but maybe at some point in the future if there is a big enough uproar I will. I was listening to an incredibly inspirational seminar by Fabienne Fredrickson and she gave a really touching antidote that really tugged on some strings for me and I just felt like I had to share so that you guys could really feel where I’m coming from. Forgive me for butchering it, Fabienne, but here’s my spark notes version of it:

Imagine you’re hosting a dinner party and all the guests are in the living room while you are baking brownies in the kitchen. The aroma of the baking brownies is seeping through the house and guests happen to wander in and out of the kitchen asking what you’re up to. Now let’s fast forward to your brownies being done, all cut up, cooled and put on a plate. Guests are coming in to see what’s going on but you are just huddled in a corner with your plate of brownies and you are not letting anyone else eat them!

Seems pretty ridiculous, right? Why would you bake delicious brownies and then not share them with ANYONE!? Well Fabienne used this to compare to those of us with service oriented businesses being afraid of marketing our services. Safe to say, it really hit home. When Go Sweet and Skinny started to take off and I saw the need for individualized guidance, offering up one on one assistance to help my amazing followers on their own specific path to a happy, healthy, AMAZEBALLS life was a total no brainer!


I got so worried that people might think I was forcing them to buy something or trying to “sell” them on coaching that I was very hush-hush about it. I offered it when people came to me specifically looking for guidance and touched on it here and there without making any huge waves. Fabienne made realize that not only was I totally incorrect in my assumptions but that I was depriving you of the amazing services I have to offer by not even letting you know that I offer them! And that’s when it really hit me.  Not to mention, of course, I received some very loving emails saying that they saw a post about my FREE 30 minute breakthrough sessions and had never even known that I offered an one on one counseling package despite being avid followers of my facebook and blog. Whoa! Thanks for the re-enforcement universe!

Well, it worked, I am here and I am happy to say that I WILL NOW BE SHARING MY BROWNIES!  I will share my brownies with love and a smile from here on out! If I can help someone by offering my support one on one as they embark on their journey towards a life and body they love  - I want them to know about it! So be prepared to hear a bit more from me on this now. I’m talking LOUD + PROUD now. Of course, the recipes, tips and inspiration will always be the foundation of everything GSS but I’m really excited to be able to guide people individually on their specific path to health and happiness! It can be really hard and confusing at times to make massive change all by yourself and we all have different areas in our life we could use a little reinforcement in to help us push through to the next level. I’m here for those people who are ready and willing and need a partner to help them climb up the rest of the mountain to healthy body bliss because it’s so much easier when you have a guide who’s been there and done it and knows the path.

On that note, if you’d like a FREE 30 minute clarity session with me to get a taste of what we could accomplish together and set you off in the right direction, email me at gosweetandskinny@gmail.com to request a date and time. I’d love to meet you!



Well it’s not just me that needs to share my brownies, you’ve got a plate too!! A great, easy way to start sharing your brownies is to start spreading the love, inspiration and tips you find on GSS as well as your other favorite healthy living blogs. Share healthy recipes or inspiration posts on facebook or twitter, instagram healthy food pics or motivational quotes. You don’t need to be an authority to pass along the brownies! If you’ve found some delicious stuff, take a little for yourself and then spread the love!! Not only will it make you feel amazing but you are helping other people have a chance to enjoy them as well. So go on my darlings, let’s make sure all the guests at the party of our life get a chance to indulge in a brownie!


Can I Exercise on a Juice Cleanse?

In honor of my ebook #Juicespiration launching on Amazon.com, I’ve put together a whole series of Juicespiration videos! The third video is here to answer another one of my most frequently asked questions!! CAN I EXERCISE ON A JUICE CLEANSE?! Well you’ll have to watch the video to see my answer! ;)

Do you need a HEALTH coach!?

Ever wondered why some people stick to their fitness and diet routines and others flake out? Have you wished at some points that you had your own personal cheerleader and motivational coach? There are many reasons to get a health coach and there are even more questions I get about health coaching! I hope this video will clear some of that up for you so that you can decide once and for all if you need a health coach!

If you decide you do, take the next step and visit my COACHING page or email me directly at gosweetandskinny@gmail.com for a consultation! Can’t wait to meet you!

20 minute YOGA break!

I don’t know about you but my schedule doesn’t always permit me the luxury of hitting up a yoga class on the daily. I’ve gotten much better at making it a priority but sometimes I just need a little yoga fix to get me moving, kick up my energy and open me up! I stumbled up this AMAZING 20 minute yoga video on YouTube from PlumTV and wanted to share it with you guys. It’s a lot of heart openers aka back bends so it really gives you a nice loving feeling throughout and provides you with a sustainable energy boost to take on the rest of your day! Give it a whirl and enjoy! Namaste.

Summer SLIM DOWN challenge WK 3

Are you ready for the third installment of your SUMMER SLIM DOWN Challenge?! I hope so because this ones not for the weak! Make sure you watch the first two videos first and then let me know if you want to kick it up a notch on week three!

Check out more about the sugar cleanse on loving fit.com

Yoga: Now with INTENTION!

I have been a self proclaimed yoga-junkie since before Lululemon started making amaze balls yoga pants. I can find myself relatively comfortable in almost any class my little heart desires to step into, and I say this not to brag but to really emphasize my point here. As many of you may have noticed from following the website and YouTube videos, I have just recently gotten really into meditating. Meditating was something that I flirted with for years! I tried it off and on in college and always sat and focused on my breath at the end of yoga class but never really incorporated it into my yoga practice. I know, this might seem insane, could I really have done yoga all these years and NOT figured it out till now!? Well I’m totally calling myself out on this one in hopes that it will help you take your practice to the next level or maybe even give yoga a second try if it wasn’t your thing at first. A couple nights a go I went to the “power yoga” class at my gym, I was juicing during the day and in a very meditative mood as it was but then the instructor took a minute and spoke to us about setting an intention for our practice. For those of you that have been to yoga class, this is fairly common. However, for the first time, I really set a powerful intention for my practice. In fact, it had nothing to do with my body and wasn’t directly related to the yoga work I was doing but to the meditative work I was doing at home. I instantly felt more calm and centered in my practice, my intention gave me strength and balance. In some of the more challenging poses I really felt like I was harnessing power towards my intention. Yoga went from an amazing work out where I stretch my already uber flexible body and feel like jello when I leave to this other worldly experience, I don’t think I’ve ever been so relaxed and grounded while sweating so much! I felt empowered and balanced afterwards like I had gotten a mind massage, if you can imagine that. So I HAD to share with you guys! I will never go back to doing intention-less yoga again and I strongly encourage you all to challenge yourself this week by taking a yoga class and setting a powerful intention and just letting that experience guide you! Let me know how it goes! Comment below after class!

Summer Slim Down Challenge WK 2!

Join me each week for June’s Summer Slim Down challenge! Every week I’ll be giving you 3 tips to incorporate into your routine to help you create a slimmer, sexier body this summer! We’ll pile on the tips a couple at a time so that you have a chance to incorporate them into your routine and really master them before adding on! Comment below, commit yourself and let’s get sexy and slim together this summer! I hope your enjoying the journey and love the challenges week two brings!

Get SKINNY Success Tip: Prioritize!

Do you constantly find yourself saying that you don’t have enough time to exercise or to prepare healthy meals for yourself? Well this video is for you! In connection with your Summer Slim Down Challenge, I hope this video helps you through those struggles and creates a breakthrough for you to step up your healthy, happy living game! Enjoy and please like, comment and SUBSCRIBE to the channel if you haven’t already!


Join me each week for June’s Summer Slim Down challenge! Every week I’ll be giving you 3 tips to incorporate into your routine to help you create a slimmer, sexier body this summer! We’ll pile on the tips a couple at a time so that you have a chance to incorporate them into your routine and really master them before adding on! Comment below, commit yourself and let’s get sexy and slim together this summer!

Just Go! (to the gym)


A friend of mine hashtagged a photo at the gym yesterday morning “#yougotcaughtsleeping” and I absolutely loved it! It truly is about going the extra mile and honoring that commitment you are making to yourself to have a healthier body! Now, I am the first person to admit it’s not always easy but it’s ALWAYS worth it! Have you ever felt like you wish you had skipped the gym after a good workout? My guess is probably not. It’s all about showing up, not every session needs to be crazy intense but if you do yourself the favor of getting into the space regularly, you have won half the battle. You create a routine and you can build upon it and expand. Sometimes the last thing I feel like doing when I wake up is getting dressed and hitting the gym but when those less than ambitious days come and I drag myself there anyway I always reward myself with something small. It can be as simple as a sauna session afterwards or buying a new magazine to read on the elliptical but it gives me something to look forward to while I’m lacing up my sneakers. I’ve also found that having a gym buddy can really help motivate you to get to the gym more often. Sometimes my girlfriend and I will spend an hour gabbing away on side by side treadmills and totally forget we’re at the gym! Plus, it definitely helps you get out of bed when you know you have someone waiting for you at the gym.

So there’s some Monday motivation for you! Make a pledge to get to the gym everyday this work week and be a little unreasonable in what your commiting to do for your body!!


Are you trying to take your healthy lifestyle to the next level by incorporating more activity in to your life but not quite ready to join a gym or sign up for a class? OR do you just get too busy some days to always make that yoga class or sneak in some gym time? Watch my easy at home solution to burn some calories, get active and feel guilt free about skipping out on formal exercise! Don’t forget to subscribe, like or comment!

Thanks for watching! I love that Go Sweet and Skinny is your go-to website for healthy living tips, vegan, vegetarian and low fat recipes and diet advice. Let me know what healthy recipes you want to see on the site and ask any questions your may have. I’m here to help!

Check out my guest blog!

Hey guys! Today I’m a guest blogger over on LeanGirlsClub.com. Click the link to see my “Skinny Superbowl Pizza Bites” recipe! They’re incredibly easy to make and SOO YUMMY! You’ll definitely want to add them to your football Sunday snack list! http://bit.ly/VwJLrm










<em>Thanks for reading! I love that Go Sweet and Skinny is your go-to website for healthy living tips, vegan and vegetarian recipes (from everything from appetizers to cupcakes!) and diet advice. I”m committed to helping you get skinny and live the sweet life! Please follow @gosweetnskinny on twitter, like us on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep yourself sweet and skinny 24/7. And as always, feel free to email me at gosweetandskinny@gmail.com and let me know what low fat, healthy recipes you want to see on the site, what diet books your trying and ask any diet questions your little heart desires! I’m here to help you! :)</em>

SHOE TALK with LeanGirlsClub

First, I’d like to thank Cassandra for letting me guest blog today. I love reading Go Sweet and Skinny and can’t wait to try her recipes. Being a working woman, I find myself making the same ol’ things and often get bored. It’s important to try new recipes so I don’t resort to junk food!

Are you a shoe lover? I love me a good pair of shoes. Stilettos, platforms, wedges, sandals, and boots. Usually I select shoes based on the aesthetic: the color, the height of the heel, embellishments, what outfits it can accompany….

That’s not the approach we should have with running shoes. All shoes were not created equal. Did you know that most running injuries are from ill-fitting shoes? Like bras, we need to be fitted for a good running shoe. Your local running store, not athletic store, will do that for you for free. A representative will watch you run on the treadmill and analyze your gait. Depending on the results and your fitness level, s/he will recommend a stability shoe or a neutral shoe. They’ll come to you with several options and help you find the best shoe. Sorry, you won’t get to choose your shoe based on your favorite colors…the shoe will pick you. How will you know? You just will. It’ll feel heavenly and feel like they were molded for your feet. The shoe will make you run stronger, faster, and lighter. A good shoe will get your butt off the coach and moving.

And if your running store is a GOOD running store, they’ll have a great return policy and let you return the shoes if it doesn’t fit right…even if you’ve run in them. I personally love Jack Rabbits, Paragon, and The New York Running Company at The Time Warner Center.

For more details on how to pick a great shoe, check out this infograph:

Running Shoes Infographic: How to Choose the Best Running Shoes

Check out REI’s wide selection of running shoes

For more tips, check out www.leangirlsclub.com or follow @gracekelle