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A Little Note on INTENTIONS

                      When I saw my new friend, Desiree, discuss a conversation we had on her instagram feed, I was so moved at how she had taken my advice to heart and I just knew I had to share it with you all. Before I get into it, read what she said and I’ll chat a little more at the bottom.disordered eating, institute of integrative nutrition, healthy meal planning, healthy smoothie recipes

disordered eating, institute of integrative nutrition, healthy meal plans, healthy smoothie recipes

disordered eating, institute of integrative nutrition, healthy meal plans, healthy smoothie recipes

             So inspiring!!! I love how she was able to change her perspective and is now back on tract with a diet that’s going to keep her auto-immune disease in check and allow her to be the glowing, radiant being she is. I see this “intention situation” often in my clients with prior histories of eating disorders or disordered eating. They were so wrapped up in associating healthy food or limiting food with punishment and self-hatred that they have a hard time flipping the switch and realizing when it is okay to make certain food choices. My go to for those clients is always to discuss the intentions behind eating, sometimes even go so far as to tell them to silently recite the intention for their food before they eat it! If this is something you struggle with, try that for a week. Before you put anything into your mouth, whether it’s a green smoothie or a bacon cheeseburger, say to yourself, ” I am eating this food to nourish and fuel my body” or whatever intention that you connect with to get to that place of true self-love and wellbeing.

                It’s no wonder people feel negative emotions around dieting, even if you haven’t struggled with any severe disorder eating almost all of us of have put ourselves through the misery of diet at one point in our lives. I’m officially 26 days off sugar, if you asked my boyfriend, he’d say I’m just torturing myself, however because of the intention behind my actions ( exploring the benefits of eliminating sugar from your diet and test driving it for a couple clients who are interested in trying it) I have found it to be a totally exciting adventure! Don’t worry you’ll hear more about how it went in a later blog or vlog after my 30 days are up. My point is that because I’m doing it for fun, seeing it as an experiment and research for my clients who I absolutely adore, it’s no a brainer. The second you try to do a diet to “lose weight” or “fix yourself” it’s going to feel like depravation. Switch your focus to the FUN, to the LIGHT at the end of the tunnel, think about it as self-care. 

                Taking care of your body and fueling it would foods that support it’s best possible vitality is an absolutely wonderful thing. Stand in the power of doing something fabulous for yourself and if a certain style of eating or book your reading about food doesn’t seem to be in sync energetically and intentionally with that, then toss it! If you’re serious about changing your energy and feelings around food and dieting then reach out, email me for a breakthrough session at Cassandra@GoSweetandSkinny.com and let me walk you through it so you can start transforming those intentions ASAP.

I challenge you to write in the comments below this post what intention you are committed to shifting in your life! Tell me how that’s going to change the action itself. xo!

I’m NOT perfect and that’s PERFECTLY okay with me!


Yes, that’s a screenshot from my phone that I took this morning when I was awoken with lovely texts and emails from my girlfriends who had already seen my article on MindBodyGreen.com! Can I tell you, BEST WAY TO WAKE UP EVER! This article is super special to me because it was inspired by recent events in my life. After ABC’s The Taste started airing, I started getting some hateful tweets, facebook comments and emails. Most of the were from vegans or vegetarians who felt I was making a mockery of their beliefs by trying new things on TV. Although I personally never label myself, I do cook and bake almost 100% vegan and that was portrayed on the show. It absolutely broke my heart to have people from a community I have so loved and stood for over the years turn on me, it made me really sad but ultimately it didn’t make me feel like I had done anything wrong. Through their hate I realized just how okay I was not being perfect and how, in fact, I believe it is my imperfectness that helps me spread my message so widely. I am not an elitist, I do not believe you have to be at a certain level of eating to be truly healthy. I believe in real people making real changes and working towards their personal best health and happiness everyday and I will stand by that.

So I am proud to share this article with you because not only is it OKAY to not be PERFECT – it also goes to show you how the universe works in mysterious ways and can turn a hurricane of hate into a wave of love and acceptance. http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-12350/3-reasons-im-proud-to-be-imperfect.html

please SHARE the link on twitter and facebook and spread the love! <3


get out of your own way


You ARE far too smart to stand in your own way!! STOP IT! Okay, enough tough love, but seriously what are you getting in your own way about? Take a few minutes right now, take three deep breaths and ask yourself – where am I getting in my own way? The answer might surprise you. It might even be a major breakthrough!
I recently did this for myself a couple weeks ago and had a radical revelation. I was getting in my way in a MASSIVE way with my work. This might sound ridiculous but unconsciously I think I was really scared of my unlimited potential. I was SCARED of success!! There is a great Marianne Williamson quote that goes,”Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” And that is exactly what was happening to me.
Luckily, the greatest blessing is in the acknowledgment of where we are blocking ourselves because then we can simply open our eyes to how we can bust through that block. I’ll spare you the story of how I busted through mine but it’s safe to say now I am more ready than ever to embrace success with open arms.
Now for you, if your dealing with a body weight issue, this could look like being scared to be skinny! Are you nervous to have attention called to you? Does it scare you a little bit to step into that ideal body? Maybe it’s the effort that it will take to get there that scares you? Take a minute to think about what it could be. This could be a great time to free write some ideas. Whatever you come up with, ask yourself, what am I sacrificing by holding on to this belief? Write that list, get honest and emotional with yourself. Decide that you want whatever it is more than you want to hold on to that limiting belief.

Have a beautiful day! I’d love to hear about what beautiful blocks you’ve discovered – comment below so that I can help support you!

Turning the day around!


“Everything we do is infused with the energy we do it with” – wise words from one of my spiritual gurus, Miss Marianne Williamson! Hit all too close to home this morning when I overslept my alarm and woke up when I was supposed to be on my way to set for the day. Absolutely worst way to wake up, right?! Despite having set at least five alarms, my body obviously didn’t feel like cooperating this AM. Naturally, I’m frantic, trying to remedy the situation and completely beating myself up but as soon as I caught my breath and was on my way I had to have a mini intervention. First, I serendipitously saw this quote and secondly, I knew that there was nothing my self-loathing was helping at the moment. So I put my big girl panties on, took a few deep breathes and allowed myself to be human. In that minute I made the choice to continue the rest of my day in peace instead of letting that frantic energy resonate with everything I did for the rest of the day. I hope this can inspire and move you to face your Mondays (and any other days) with love and peace. Maybe you can do one better than me and make that choice for peace before you get too far into that negative spiral! Our days will go as positively as our mindset allows, so let’s all have Marvelous Monday!

Peace, Love and Cupcakes,



I kid you not when I say this yoga video will literally make you feel like you just had a massage and sleep like a baby! I know you all know how much I love trying out various youtube yoga videos from time to time and that’s exactly how I stumbled upon this gem. Now, I will be honest, it’s not much of a work out, it’s definitely more stretching. So, I wasn’t necessarily looking for it but I wanted a yoga routine that wouldn’t keep me from falling asleep afterwards because it was pretty late at night but I had to get SOMETHING in!  Light a candle, burn so incense and let this video just loosen up every muscle in your body. I’ve had a really crazy week of recipe testing and prepping for my upcoming trip to the west coast and I truly believe stumbling upon this gem on youtube was the universes’s way of giving me a little “self-care” present! So bookmark this page and keep it for that week when you’re dying for a spa treatment or massage and just don’t have the time or money. You will thank me! ;)


Make more “ME” time!


Feeling stressed, drained and just, well, not taken care of!? Well honey, I have some good and bad news, the BAD is that it’s your own fault, and the GOOD is that since it’s your own fault, YOU CAN TOTALLY CHANGE IT! Whether it’s our friendships, our work relationships or our significant other, all too often we let ourselves take the backseat to outside priorities. Of course, we think we’re doing the right thing when we’re putting others before us but we don’t realize that not only are we cheating ourselves out of some quality, much needed “me” time, but we are cheating them out of getting to hang with our best, most AMAZING self!

Too often I have heard the story, “I don’t have time to go to the gym because after I come home from work I just want to hang out with my boyfriend” and on and on insert your own excuse having to do with too much work, too many social obligations or your romantic partner. I have definitely been guilty of the same! Especially when you’re in a relationship, you get in to a routine, your schedules are crazy enough, you feel guilty stealing time away to go to the gym or to cook yourself a healthy meal, or even to meditate. When work gets crazy, yoga class seems to fall by the waste side and we give in to carb loaded, sugary treats to deal with the stress. Even friends can stand in between our own self-care if they’re insisting on you going out every night and skimping on sleep to indulge in alcohol and late night snacks.

Well first off, FORGIVE YOURSELF! That’s right, take a deep breath and let it go. It’s over, it’s the past, you are not doing that anymore! From this day forward YOU are putting YOU first and let me tell you why that will be the best decision you ever made in your life..

When we put our foot down and say “HEY! I have to take care of ME right now!” not only will people around you listen but gosh darn it, they might even respect you more. Crazy, huh? A funny thing happens when you start making yourself a priority, people are attracted you, they actually want to be around you MORE. Why? Isn’t it selfish not to put the needs of your company, significant other or friends first? NOPE. Obviously, I am not telling you to be an insensitive jerk right now, so don’t go cold hearted on me but within reason you need to make taking care of yourself a priority.

By putting your self-care first, you are going to be an even better employee, partner or friend! When you are HAPPY, stress free and healthy, you are in ideal form to be your most wonderful you for all the people you care about in your life. Honestly, even if your boyfriend or boss give you a little trouble at first when you carve out that gym time, spend a little extra time preparing a healthy meal, or sneak off to meditate for a couple minutes, let them. It’s only a matter of time till they realize how much that time really helps create a more optimized YOU! The best thing you can do for everyone in your life is to be happy and healthy. SERIOUSLY. When you are happy and healthy you do everything in your life with more ease, you’re more enjoyable to be around, you’re more stimulating to work with and boy, oh boy, will you be more attractive to your man. Oh wait, did I mention that YOU’LL BE HAPPIER AND HEALTHIER?! You get a pretty big bonus out of this added “me” time as well and there is nothing to feel guilty about there!

So take a moment, reflect on your schedule right now and ask yourself if you’re dedicating enough time to YOU. Where are you compromising to appease someone else in your life? I challenge you to take back some of that time RIGHT NOW. Literally, schedule in some “ME” time. You can start small if you’re a little nervous about it and increase steadily each week. Trust me, you will want to because you’re going to love what an amazing effect this has on your life! Pick something you would like to do for you, maybe a yoga class or some group work out, maybe gym time, maybe just taking the extra time to make yourself a healthy dinner every night. Whatever it is, commit to it and tell the people you care about in your life that it’s important to you and you will be unavailable during that time each week or day. Rest assured, they will understand, even if it takes a little time for some of them. You are important! Your body, your health and your happiness is absolutely paramount to leading an extraordinary life and you deserve the “ME” time it takes to maintain it!

Feel free to comment below and let me know what you are committing to do for your ME time this week! :)

Do you need a HEALTH coach!?

Ever wondered why some people stick to their fitness and diet routines and others flake out? Have you wished at some points that you had your own personal cheerleader and motivational coach? There are many reasons to get a health coach and there are even more questions I get about health coaching! I hope this video will clear some of that up for you so that you can decide once and for all if you need a health coach!

If you decide you do, take the next step and visit my COACHING page or email me directly at gosweetandskinny@gmail.com for a consultation! Can’t wait to meet you!

Monday Motivation


If you are subscribed to the newsletter you’ve already heard me riff about this a little this morning and if you’re not then SIGN UP! What are you waiting for? A weekly dose of sweet and skinny inspiration and special promotions are seconds away on the side bar! Just put your first name and email and we’ll get you hooked up!

Anyways, back to happiness!
So often I see people letting their exercise and healthy eating attempts stress them out! It totally defeats the whole purpose of taking care of yourself. This week, lets turn our attention to happiness and focus on creating more of it! Stress kills and happiness heals! Take a moment right now and in your phone or on a post it write down 5-10 things you can do on the average day that make you happy. I challenge you this week to look at this list everyday and pick one thing every day to do! Make happiness a priority this week and your eating habits and activity will fall in line.

Be sure to comment below and let me know some of the things on your happiness list! Have a great Monday!