How Thanksgiving can change your life: the power of gratitude

How Thanksgiving can change your life: the power of gratitude

I’ve really started LOVING Thanksgiving because of it’s true meaning.

No, not a day to eat turkey..although that’s totally fine if you do..


For me, gratitude is an everyday practice but I really like to think of Thanksgiving as a whole gratitude holiday! It’s a great yearly reminder to check our level of gratefulness in our lives. So I spend even more time in the morning after my meditation, writing a list of everything I’m grateful for and really getting specific about it. Don’t just write that you’re thankful for your pet, write how you are thankful for Charlie (my dog) because he always knows just when I need him to nuzzle, because his presence always brightens my day and his body loves to warm my toes. Just an example, but when you take a few minutes and actually write it and get that detailed for every person and thing in your life, you’re truly going to reap the benefits of a gratitude practice. You’ll be happier, more present and attract even more abundance your way by being so grateful for what you have. What do you have to lose? Give it a try today and see if you can keep it up consistently for 40 days!

Why is gratitude such a game changer?

Because you have the power to change your life simply by changing the way you look at your life and THAT is the gift that gratitude keeps on giving. Want to get happy? Start by getting grateful. Want more abundance? Use gratitude to see the abundance that already exists in your life and you will not be able to stop yourself from attracting more. Ready for a romantic relationship? Start being truly grateful for ALL the relationships in your life. Ready to lose weight or feel better in your body? Start taking an inventory of all the things you are grateful for about your body. Nothing like having someone in the family whose lost an organ or is fighting a disease to be insanely present to the health and vitality of every cell of your being. When we are truly present in gratitude, we are thinking thoughts of love, we are raising our vibration and we are changing our lives! If you’re ready to start GETTING GRATEFUL- join me on my #40daysofgratitude challenge on social media, whether you’re on twitter, instagram or Facebook, tag me and hashtag #40DaysofGratitude and let’s all keep spreading the love, raising our vibrations and operating from a place of blissful gratitude! Ill be following along with your photos, cheering you on and reposting some of your inspiring words and pictures! 

A peak into my gratitude list this morning:

1. I’m grateful for my mom for being so supportive of GSS and always thinking of wonderful ideas for it. I’m grateful for her always being a phone call away and willing to listen to me chat about just about anything.

2. I’m grateful for my dad for showing me what unconditional love feels like, for making me feel my most beautiful with out any make up or fancy clothes from a really young age and for all his zen wisdom over the years. Grateful to have a dad I can tell absolutely anything to.

3. I’m grateful for my grandma for being a living example of grace in my life, for showing me the woman I want to grow up to be, for teaching me not to sweat the small things (and they’re all small things) and for sending me the most adorable snail mail every couple weeks to brighten my day.

4. I’m grateful for my brother who’s tolerance for pain, courage under pressure and absolute brilliance constantly make me want to be a better person. I’m grateful that I can tell him anything and he’ll always tell me his brutally honest opinion and we can also not talk at all and just enjoy some Aziz Ansari on Netflix together.

5. I’m grateful for terminator, my five year old goldfish, for keeping me company through so many apartments, boyfriends and breakdowns since I’ve moved into NYC. He puts a smile on my face everyday and reassures my parents that I can keep a living thing alive.

6. I’m grateful for all of you! I live in a constant state of gratitude for being able to do work that I love from every fiber of my soul. I’m grateful for your emails, your comments and the pictures you share with me. You brighten my life each and everyday and I am so grateful for your love and support.

7. I’m grateful for my clients, who always end up feeling like close girlfriends after our sessions. Their progress makes me soul smile and reassures me that I’m on the right path day in and day out. It’s a gift to be able to spend this sacred time with them while we create something really beautiful together. I’m blessed to help mentor them in making that magic.

8. I’m grateful for my own mentors, who whether near or far have changed my life for the better in a tremendous capacity. I’m grateful for meeting my spiritual mentor, Jennifer Kass, and the incredible connection we share, and for how much I have grown through our work together. I’m grateful for Gabby Bernstein, whose book first ended up in my hands when I needed it the most and started a conversation that would change my life. I’m grateful to Marianne Williamson for holding such tremendous space for the spiritual conversation before anyone else was talking about it in the main stream and for all of her iTunes lectures which fuel me with inspiration on  the regular!

9. I’m grateful for my friends who inspire me, challenge me, support me, make me want to go bigger, shine brighter and make me laugh till it hurts. You know who you are and I’m beyond grateful for your presence in my life.

10. I’m grateful for my health and my body. I’m grateful for my energy and vitality, for having beautiful healthy organs that are all working and disease free. I’m grateful for my heart that beats everyday, my breathe that inhabits me and my eyes that allow me to see. I’m grateful for this amazing vessel which my soul resides and in awe of the mechanics that go into me feeling my best and in being in the best of health. I’m grateful that it allows me to be who I am, hold the space for my purpose in the world and also allow me to bend like gumby in yoga and sweat it out dancing at daybreaker.

My list could go on for a while, so I will cut myself off there. Now it’s your turn! What are you grateful for today? Answer in the comments below and get started on your gratitude practice. I promise, if you stick with it, it’s a total game changer!


Happy Thanksgiving my loves! xo!

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