Yoga: Now with INTENTION!

I have been a self proclaimed yoga-junkie since before Lululemon started making amaze balls yoga pants. I can find myself relatively comfortable in almost any class my little heart desires to step into, and I say this not to brag but to really emphasize my point here. As many of you may have noticed from following the website and YouTube videos, I have just recently gotten really into meditating. Meditating was something that I flirted with for years! I tried it off and on in college and always sat and focused on my breath at the end of yoga class but never really incorporated it into my yoga practice. I know, this might seem insane, could I really have done yoga all these years and NOT figured it out till now!? Well I’m totally calling myself out on this one in hopes that it will help you take your practice to the next level or maybe even give yoga a second try if it wasn’t your thing at first. A couple nights a go I went to the “power yoga” class at my gym, I was juicing during the day and in a very meditative mood as it was but then the instructor took a minute and spoke to us about setting an intention for our practice. For those of you that have been to yoga class, this is fairly common. However, for the first time, I really set a powerful intention for my practice. In fact, it had nothing to do with my body and wasn’t directly related to the yoga work I was doing but to the meditative work I was doing at home. I instantly felt more calm and centered in my practice, my intention gave me strength and balance. In some of the more challenging poses I really felt like I was harnessing power towards my intention. Yoga went from an amazing work out where I stretch my already uber flexible body and feel like jello when I leave to this other worldly experience, I don’t think I’ve ever been so relaxed and grounded while sweating so much! I felt empowered and balanced afterwards like I had gotten a mind massage, if you can imagine that. So I HAD to share with you guys! I will never go back to doing intention-less yoga again and I strongly encourage you all to challenge yourself this week by taking a yoga class and setting a powerful intention and just letting that experience guide you! Let me know how it goes! Comment below after class!

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